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Quality content, tips, learnings, stories and the odd news commentary. No consulting BS, no preaching, little fluff. Honest, from human to human.


Discussions and practical suggestions about how to create effective Value Proposition from scratch with real life examples and case studies. Make things people want.


No-nonsense (mostly digital) marketing tips, reflections and case studies. Marketing is not a swearword. If you build something of value you must tell people about it.

Travel Industry

From my past experience, actionable items around Short Term Rental, Property Management and Tourism in general. Mostly from the supplier point of view but always with the guest in mind.


Mostly unstructured ramblings and reflections about current affairs, running, and personal development. No new-age happy-camper bulls*it guaranteed.


For years I’ve been walking around taking pictures of things. I’ve collected a few shots here. If you ever want to have a break from the serious stuff.


Sometimes I speak in front of a microphone about the stuff that we discuss here. Get it on Apple Podcast, Spotify and wherever you get your audios.

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